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Looking for videos about Workload Automation? Check out the Workload Automation YouTube channel for inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/user/workloadautomation2?cm_mc_uid=49292818918314407692461&cm_mc_sid_50200000=1444122117  ...
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I’ve been quiet the last couple of weeks as I prepared to upgrade our Maximo environment to 7.5. Last week I finally made the move with a marathon session on Wednesday with the upgrade and then did triage Thursday. With a new version comes new features. The one I’m looking forward to the most is Automation Scripting. IBM’s definition of Automation Scripting is: An automation script consists of a launch point, variables with corresponding binding values, and the source code. You use wizards to create the components of an automation script. You create scripts and launch points or you create a...
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Hello, The other day, we were discussing crossover between the EAM and SCCD Maximo communities.  Melody Bienfang just pulished a document on automating Service Desk processes.  There is a ton of content in this paper that applies directly to Asset Management functions as well. Below is a link to the paper.   Brian https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/community/groups/service/html/communityview?communityUuid=e25892f0-20f7-46ff-bbe9-c7c03fb3036f#fullpageWidgetId=Wb33da0c91d92_4cec_a8a7_57df877f617b&file=0a07c40d-bb04-4c6d-accc-6f23cb6505d9...
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Would you make the Dynamic Workload Console login page more familiar for your Workload Automation users? Here there are the steps to accomplish this! If you are running DWC 9.x your login page looks like this: This is not very informative of which kind of application your users are going to access. Maybe you would customize this page with your company logo and name or something more significant for them. I'm going to explain you how you can customize the elements in blue in the image First step is to locate and edit the file <JazzSM_profile_dir>/config/cells/JazzSMNode01Cell/applications/isc.ear/deployments/isc/isclite.war/WEB-INF/consoleProperties.xml where, the default value of...
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One of the most powerful features of Maximo is sometimes the one least used… Workflow. Workflow features let you automate repetitive business and record management processes. This provides a means for greater efficiency and accountability throughout your enterprise.[1] One of the most common workflows are approval processes - work order, purchase request, etc. A common step in an approval workflow (WF) is checking to see who reported/requested a given record and then direct the next actions to be taken on that record, based on that check. Here’s a simple work order WF that checks who reported the work order to automatically...
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So, your SAP environment is in place, and you are planning for the next moves. It could be that part of the environment is scheduled to move to the cloud. Or it could also be that business wants to introduce some sleek SaaS player in the set of used applications ...read more...
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Have you noticed a new look and feel for the Process Automation product wikis? That's because we have moved the wikis to the IBM Connections platform. Note that the URLs for the wikis have changed. If you visit an old wiki, you will find a link on ...read more...
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New post: Orchestrating the cloud to simplify and accelerate service delivery Many of the capabilities that we associate with cloud computing are really elements of orchestration. In an orchestrated environment, organizations gain tools to manage their cloud workloads through a single interface, providing greater efficiency, control and scalability. As cloud environments become more complex and organizations seek greater benefit from their computing resources, the need for sophisticated management solutions that can orchestrate across the entire environment will become ever clearer. Read more....
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Get involved with the new IBM DevOps project and beta on Jazz.net-- IBM SmartCloud Continuous Delivery is an agile, scalable and flexible solution for end-to-end lifecycle management and automation, creating an environment that takes collaboration between Development and Operation teams to the next level. Learn more....
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With the proliferation of cloud computing, many businesses are starting to adopt a service provider model—either as a deliberate strategy to establish new revenue streams or, in some cases, inadvertently to support the growing needs of their organizations. This is especially true for companies with diverse needs, whether they’re tech companies with dev teams churning out new apps and services, or business owners driving requirements for SaaS services and cloud capabilities to enhance their data center operations. Read more about provisioning and orchestration capabilities that are helping service providers to meet their growing business needs....
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The IT market is moving towards mobile devices, which help you perform a large number of tasks, such as manage your sales workforce, read your e-mail, check your accounting system, or attend a web conference.  Applications designed for mobile devices ...read more...
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We know that cloud computing offers a myriad of benefits like rapid service delivery and lower operating costs. But it can also lead to challenges in data governance, access control, activity monitoring and visibility of dynamic resources—in essence, all aspects of IT security. The IT organization must have the capabilities to both deliver services more quickly to meet the demands of the business and be able to provide high levels of security and compliance. Read more in this new post on Cloud and Virtualization....
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Today cloud budgets revolve around virtualization, automation and self service.Wwhile many organisations are not ready for advanced cloud features but do want to see  a road map to get there.Learn more about this low-touch private cloud environment that offers near-zero downtime and automated recovery.Looking for more information ,read here....
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What is Big Data? Everyday, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data--so much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. This data comes from everywhere: from sensors used to gather climate information, posts ...read more...
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