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Did you ever get off the couch..walk up to a television....and change the turning a knob with your hands?  : )

Now that I've revealed my age....let me reveal a NEW Maximo Development You Tube Channel for you! 

A collection of over 30 detailed Maximo Asset Management Videos are available for you.   These videos highlight the new features of Maximo 76, and provide detailed use cases, best practices and a review of the functionality and best practices.

With lengths between 7 and 17 minutes - these videos enable you to quickly see and learn about - the vast amount of features that Maximo provides.   You can watch a six part series on Ad Hoc reporting in Maximo 76 - which details the features and business rules of each individual tab in the dialog.   Or you can watch a five part series on creating Cognos metadata thru Maximo's integration framework - with details on creating a Report Object Structure, accessing the published metadata in Cognos to create a report - and a detailed look at the Organization, Site and Set data restrictions.

A number of playlists have been created for you including

                 Maximo 76 BI: New Features

                Maximo 76 BI: Best Practices

                Maximo 76 BI: Report Administration Features

                Maximo 76 BI:  Ad Hoc Reporting Series

                Maximo 76 BI:  KPIs

                Maximo 76 Cognos: Reports

                Maximo 76 Cognos:  Meta Data Creation

                Maximo 75 Cognos: BI  Packs

The initial collection of videos focuses on Maximo BI features - and we'd love to hear what other content you would like to see.

Check out and subscribe to this channel so you can be automatically notified when new content is added.

And can watch these videos anytime on your television, desk top, laptop, tablet, phone or watch...and you don't have to get up to change the channel or adjust the antenna.

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