IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights analyst shares his perspective

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As many of you are already aware, IBM has addressed the complexity, time, and cost problems with a new solution called IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights.This new insightful approach has taken a unique web-based software as a service theme and added data collection with IBM Research developed analytics to produce a very simple to use tool that is powerful in delivering functionality for storage resource management. Storage resource management applications typically require installation (including databases), configuration, and ongoing updates. The software as a service implementation of Storage Insights relieves all those burdens by deploying fast and then providing even faster insights into the storage environment.




Here is the latest analyst video asset for Storage Insights. In it, Randy Kerns of Evaluator Group, shares his perspective on the value of using the cloud to manage storage with IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights:

Evaluator Group vid


Learn more about Storage Insights and sign-up for a no-charge trial HERE.


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Original author: Robert Graczyk
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