Webcast Q&A: "Are You Managing Your Backup Enterprise or is it Managing You?"

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  1. How can I use this tool to help me stay in compliance? i.e SOX, HIPAA, NERC?
    1. This is one of the key capabilities of Servergraph. With Servergraph you can define which systems you need to meet a certain standard for (node scopes, which can be created via many different manual and automated processes), and then customize reports to verify that standard is being met and/or alert you if you are missing the standard. If you have a lot of compliance concerns, and particularly if you have a diversified backup environment, a reporting tool like Servergraph is extremely helpful.
  2. Can Servergraph provide real time detailed level reports on failure of TDP for Oracle?
    1. The short answer is “Yes.” But of course it depends on what detail in particular you need to know. We alert on the issue in real time and get information on the failure in real time.
  3. How are customers dealing with backups for BigData, those  backup process that typically takes more than 24 hours?
    1. As a generic question … as a backup admin I would do everything I could to get those backups to less than 24 hours, either by multi-streaming the backup (if possible) or doing an offhost backup. While a product like Servergraph won’t help you with this issue in particular, it will identify problem systems and show you where you may have more resources available. When you have difficult backups to manage, analytical tools like Servergraph make it a lot easier.
  4. Will Rocket be doing more TSM de-dupe reporting? PLZ Concentrate a little on reporting of ProtecTIER and others today.
    1. I didn’t focus on ProtecTIER in the presentation, but we do cover it within Servergraph. Basically we report on deduping at several different levels with different granularity based on what the particular backup product allows. Here are some examples (and we report directly from most dedup devices, like Sepaton or Falcon Store):
      1. TSM native deduplication – all info.
      2. TSM to a dedup device (i.e. Protectier) – all the data PT gives us.
      3. RMAN backups directly to a DataDomain – Dedup data by database.
      4. Etc.
  5. Does Servergraph come with TSM?
    1. No, but IBM resells Servergraph because they’ve seen the need for an enterprise reporting tool. Servergraph has been reporting on TSM since 1999 (when it was a TSM only product) and it still has the most indepth reporting available for TSM.
  6. Is there a TSM API or some agent like that necessary for Servergraph?
    1. No. Servergraph reports on different backup tools/devices in different manners (i.e. dsmadmc, ssh connections, database connections) but we NEVER require an agent. For large environments we do have a remote collector option, but it’s strictly an option and never required.
  7. How hard is Servergraph to maintain?
    1. Servergraph is pretty much an install-it-and-just-use-it product. Once installed and configured Servergraph maintains its own database and just collects data and presents it in reports. I have Servergraph systems in our lab I sometimes don’t touch for a year at a time and they are always there when I need them.
  8. What kind of server do you need? How many systems?
    1. A single Linux or AIX system, either VM/LPAR or standalone. We size the system based on the enterprise we’re reporting on, but even in a large enterprise we don’t need a particularly large system.
  9. How does Servergraph handle its own DB backup?
    1. We dump the Servergraph mysql database to disk and then the DB dump file should be caught in a normal backup. There are some configuration files to be backed up as well, but the process is well documented in the administration guide.
  10. How many users can use Servergraph at one time?
    1. We’ve never seen a limit on this. Some companies have a couple of hundred individual users, most have ten or twenty.
  11. Are there any prerequisites for Servergraph?
    1. Not really. We just need a properly configured UNIX systems and then users will access it via a web browser. An HTML5 compliant browser is definitely best. For those few users who utilize the SG admin console or the TSM admin console Java 8 is also required on their workstation.
  12. Can we setup different users – like admin, operators, etc. – different roles?
    1. One of the strengths of Servergraph is the granularity of access. You can setup user roles within the product, and control what backup nodes an individual user can see and/or what reports they can see and what tools they can use. This is particularly helpful if you have a group (i.e. Oracle admins) who only want to see the oracle nodes and only the backup status reports because you can setup their user so that’s all that appears in the program to them.
  13. For the TSM management console, how manageable is user access?
    1. Access is EXTREMELY granular. You can control exactly what every user can see and do, and there are multiple levels of access – too many to try and describe here. Because of this access control there are actually some companies who require their admins, or at least their junior admins, to use the Servergraph TSM admin console for all TSM administration.
  14. Can you give an example of a company that got a payoff with Servergraph?
    1. We have various company references available. One company I worked with believed they needed to buy new hardware as they weren’t meeting their backup windows. And they were angry at the hardware vendor because they’d just bought new equipment that they were told was properly scaled to their needs. I helped them out by installing Servergraph, analyzing the results with built-in and customized reports, and showed them what changes they could make to meet their backup window. They were then able to meet that window without a hardware purchase, and Servergraph was much cheaper than the hardware they were planning to buy.
  15. Can we execute TSM commands from the Servergraph console?
    1. The TSM admin console is a full featured GUI for TSM which allows you to run commands via the GUI OR type in your own commands via a CLI interface (but a CLI interface that allows you to work with multiple systems at one time and remembers commands so you can call them up later and edit/rerun them).
  16. Is it possible to implement different security levels, like https?
    1. Yes. Servergraph supports https connections.
  17. Do you have a trial software?
    1. Absolutely. We love to do Proof of Concept (POC) installs, which we can do in multiple ways (including via a pre-configured VM appliance you can install in your environment). Just contact me and we’ll get this going for you – and of course there’s no commitment on your part.
  18. Tiered data is necessary, but getting data owners to properly identify important data is difficult.
    1. This is a problem everywhere, data owners will often just declare everything as Tier1. Servergraph allows you to make them accountable by showing them, and their management, how many resources they are using and how much it costs. You can even initiate chargebacks to owners. Chargebacks can be done in any manner and based on any data that Servergraph reports on.
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