Quantifying Business Value with IBM Cloud Orchestrator

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Your IT department has a growing list of IT services that need to be delivered to its different stakeholders. Development, line of business, and operations all need services…and they all need them now!

Each IT service presents its own challenge. Configuration, provisioning, rework, deployment, and service management functions like backup, monitoring, security are amongst the steps that cost your IT department days’ worth of manual labor and infrastructure down time. With IBM Cloud Orchestrator, you can reduce the number of steps in service delivery by automating provisioning, integrating with service management and more seamless scale your IT infrastructure. 

The goal is simple: create savings in your organization with faster delivery of services and reduce administrative labor in your IT infrastructure. Here are three ways you can do that with IBM Cloud Orchestrator:

1. Automated Service Delivery: your IT staff spends valuable time provisioning cloud services. IBM Cloud Orchestrator can automate provisioning, regardless of the complexity of your environment, with repeatable deployment patterns that can be re-used.

2. Reduce Reconfiguration Effort: it is common to require “re-work” within service to diagnose and correct errors from original configuration. With IBM Cloud Orchestrator, you can automate the entire process of problem-source identification, reconfiguration, customization and re-installation of software with automated provisioning.

3. Service Request Process Improvements: The faster you can deliver, the more you can deliver. By streamlining service request workflows and connecting to existing service management tools like monitoring and security IBM Cloud Orchestrator reduces the elapsed time spent delivering cloud services and allows you to take on a larger workload.

Along with our October release of IBM Cloud Orchestrator v2.4, we’re proud to roll out an IBM Cloud Orchestrator Benefits Estimator, a tool that can instantly create a customized ROI report based on the size and complexity of your cloud infrastructure. Simply answer a dozen questions on organization-type and virtual machine environment to see quantifiable business outcomes on how IBM Cloud Orchestrator can deliver cost savings with reduced administrator workload and increased service delivery.

Many of our customers have used this solution to recognize real business growth. See how Wuxi Lake Cloud, a Chinese e-commerce service provider reduced deployment times by 85% and managed a business growing at 100% year-to-year without skipping a beat with IBM Cloud Orchestrator.


Tim Richer is the worldwide marketing leader for IBM Cloud Orchestrator. Based in New York City, he has been in marketing roles with IBM in Sales & Distribution, IBM Global Financing, and most recently over the past year in Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure. Interact with Tim on twitter @T_Richer.

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