TUC Webcast Replay: Oxford Networks Turns the Cloud into a Sustainable Business Model in just Eighteen Months with IBM Hybrid Cloud Solutions

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As a managed service provider, deploying and managing a reliable, scalable and flexible cloud environment is critical to the success of the business.

Additionally, adapting to rapid growth and the demands of your consumers without compromising efficiency necessitates tools that can provision and deploy environments quickly, as well as troubleshoot and fix problems at the speed of light.


Oxford Networks was launching their Managed Service Provider business and needed a reliable and scalable Cloud infrastructure and management tools to successfully deliver and grow in a short span of time.

Challenges Resolved

IBM Cloud Orchestrator allows for rapid infrastructure deployment on the cloud thereby allowing Oxford Networks to cater to customer demands quickly. IBM Performance Management manages and optimizes the cloud infrastructure which helped them plan, analyze capacity, profitability and keep their infrastructure up and running efficiently 24-7.

Business Benefits

With IBM Smart Cloud solutions, Oxford Networks was able to build a sustainable IaaS offering in just 18 months and expanded their MSP business from a 1200 ft data center to a 7000 ft data center. They continue to use the tools to keep growing their business.
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