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Using cognitive intelligence to address digital transformation
As computing enters the “Cognitive Era”, driven by data transformation across industries and professions, real time information will be needed from solutions, operations workflows, supporting solution middleware and the infrastructure environment to enhance forecasting, decision-making and problem resolution.

How can we prepare ourselves for greater insights into operational systems to support the cognitive transformation? https://www.ibm.com/blogs/systems/using-cognitive-intelligence-to-address-digital-transformation-barriers/

Why a CIO should care about  application performance management.
The business impact of APM can be seen by looking at three critical metrics:

1. Prevent issues: Prevent expensive outages and directly impact your customer satisfaction index.
2. Get business insights: Gain new process and transaction insights that directly impact your bottom line, including new real-time insights on your key transactions.
3. Accelerate innovation: Accelerate your application validation and lifecycle, helping to drive more innovation out the door. Validation is usually the bottleneck in this age of rapid development with agile.

Read the blog: https://www.ibm.com/blogs/systems/why-a-cio-should-care-about-apm/

Big data & analytics as a means of driving greater operational efficiency
IT is the source of infinite amounts of data, ranging from log files to performance metrics to events to tickets to configuration data. And the source of that data ranges from on-premise and cloud-based applications to the infrastructure and middleware that supports them:https://www.ibm.com/blogs/systems/competition-and-statistics-at-insight-2015/

St Vincent's Health, Sydney Resolves IT Tickets 75 Percent Faster
Russell Wilcoxon and his 8-person IT support service team have their hands full at St. Vincent’s Health Australia in Sydney. They’re tasked with supporting more than 6500 doctors, nurses and administrative staff, who carry approximately 5000 devices. Overwhelmed with a variety of tracking and license status issues, Russell’s team looked to IBM to lower their blood pressure: http://servicemanagement360.com/client-voices-st-vincents-health-ibm-control-desk/

Webcast Replay: Alessandro de Micco shares the latest on IBM Workload Automation & how to manage your Hybrid Cloud.
IBM Workload Automation is a leader in job scheduling and automation services, available on-premise, on cloud, and on Bluemix. The latest version, 9.3, announced in May 2015, adds intelligence, integration, and advanced automation to increase productivity and governance and help you manage hybrid IT: http://event.on24.com/wcc/r/1044624/0B2134D494932F666B2DAB684FE3F0B3

Client spotlight: Claranet meets customer needs with IBM's Netcool Operations Insights.
The increase in customer base resulted in an increase in the notifications, alarms and events within Claranet’s provider infrastructure – at levels that were unsustainable for the IT department. The company also struggled to provide the support team with the tools necessary to highlight and prioritize events. The goal was to reduce alarms, but Claranet needed to first pinpoint event analytics, detect issues and predict alerts. Only then could notifications be directed to the applicable support team member: https://www.ibm.com/blogs/systems/2015/10/14/client-spotlight-claranet-succeeds-with-netcool-operations-insights/

IBM Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure Proof of Technology / Workshops

Are you interested to learn more about Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure solutions? Complimentary Proof of Technology or Workshops are available, many providing hands-on exercises on live environments.


Explore and exercise the newly enhanced 3270 user interface for OMEGAMON products in a live System z environment. You will gain 1st hand experience with a live environment test drive of the latest OMEGAMON v5.x.x solutions

Install & Configure Using ParmGen

Learn how to configure new install environments using ParmGen or how to convert from ICAT to ParmGen and retain your current customizations. The workshop will illustrate how easy and intuitive ParmGen is to use.

Customizing the Enhanced 3270 User Interface

Gain 1st hand experience on a live environment and learn how to easily customize the new enhanced 3270 user interface to obtain maximum value and usability. Labs include creating new or modifying existing workspaces, adding navigation and zoom options, and more.

Tivoli Workload Scheduler

Explore and exercise the new Tivoli Workload Scheduler v8.6 features & the more advanced features of this solution in a live System z environment. Whether you are an administrator or an end user, you will gain 1st hand experience with a live environment test drive

ITCAM for Transactions

Explore and exercise ITCAM for Transactions on a live Windows, Linux and System z environment. Whether you are an administrator or an end user, you will gain 1st hand experience with a live environment test drive of the latest ITCAM for Transactions.

IT Financial Management

A half-day session that will demonstrate how to better manage your IT environment with IBM's Software Asset, Usage and Accounting and IT Financial Management capabilities. Learn how to go "mining for maintenance” dollars in your own organization. Learn how to reduce costs and decrease risks based on improving overall software management, including how-to information on usage tracking, as well as accounting and audit management.

Cloud Ready on ‘z’

Experience the ease of deploying Linux guests (servers) using our Cloud Ready solution. This PoT is live environment hosted on our Austin based EC12 demo system. You will experience using a self-service user interface which increases business productivity and enables users to manage their own cloud environments and experience how we can monitor newly created servers without any administrative setup and how we can manage user requests through a service catalog.

Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager

Explore, exercise, and experience the robust and automated application mapping and discovery of Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager on a live System z environment. The hands-on labs will allow customers to navigate the TADDM Data Management Portal, explore zSeries computer systems, business applications, hardware and software components. You gain a clear understanding of how to manage and monitor your infrastructure end-to-end using TADDM.

IBM Automation Control for z/OS

Explore and exercise this new z/OS automation solution in a live IBM System z® environment. Whether you are an automation administrator or and end user, you can gain 1st hand experience via a hands-on test drive. Labs include designing and building an automation policy, navigating and operating IAC for z/OS, and automatically recovering a failed systems.

For more details or to arrange a PoT / Workshop, Contact –

Joe Means at jameans@us.ibm.com / 770-510-6712

Nick Wiggins at ndwiggin@us.ibm.com / 303-328-1681

Lih Wang at lihwang@us.ibm.com / 630-605-1181

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