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2014 IBV Analytics Study & Webinar

You're invited to attend a webinar on November 5th at 11 AM EST that will unveil the latest study from the IBM Institute for Business Value. In this interactive 60-minute session, the study authors will discuss the findings and recommendations from our fact-based 2014 analytics study, Analytics: The speed advantage, and be available for questions. You will not want to miss this research.


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What is the "Cloud?"
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Technical Support Newsletter Updates! Feb, 2015 for IBM (Tivoli) Process Automation Products
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Technical Support Newsletter Updates! Jan, 2015 for IBM Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure (Tivoli) Process Automation Products
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New TWS support video released: Solving TWS Windows Job Run
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Prevent and detect queuing issues in Tivoli Workload Scheduler
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News From IBM

Smarter Cities Digital Challenge
Venturespring, the international venture development studio, in association with IBM and UDL, is challenging the UK tech community to solve some of the biggest problems facing cities today.

Participants must create IBM Bluemix™ applications that will define our cities’ futures. The winning start-ups will receive business acceleration support from our network of technology and marketing experts, creative designers, enterprise clients and investors.

                Learn more and get involved here

IBM Security Signature Moment: Cloud Security Enforcer
In September a new cloud security solution was announced, IBM Cloud Security Enforcer. This new SaaS solution safeguards employee usage of cloud applications and services and is incredibly powerful, because it's the industry’s first offering to combine visibility, identity management, and threat protection for cloud apps in a single solution.

On Demand Webinars:

Watch Video Here:


Do you trust your cloud?
Cloud security webinar with Intel –  28th October 2015. For more information and to register, direct your clients here

IBM Cloud: Dream it! Build it! – free online event on the 10th of November
For IT and Data Centre Managers who seek in-depth information to compare cloud infrastructure providers - here's an event to provide them with all the details they need and easy access to subject matter experts - without leaving their desk.

Clients can register now here, or you can invite them individually using this email template.  Social selling tools also available on the event Social Hub here.  For more information contact //">Sam Bentley

IBM Bluemix IoT Bootcamp
The IBM Bluemix IoT Bootcamp took place on the 14th October at IBM Hursley with 26 registrations! The bootcamp was run by Brian Innes and Ross Cruickshank, IBM, and involved exciting training sessions throughout the day!

Find out more on our blog here

IBM SmartCamp London took place at Tobacco Dock, London this year and there were fantastic pitches from eight rising start-ups. Read More

Steve Cowley announces $10k Incentive for References Programm. Read More

Join the Technical Rock Star Cloud Programme; earn the opportunity for a cash award. Read More


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Tivoli Workload Automation

"Beta As-a-Service" Session available for Tivoli Workload Automation family

With the Beta As-a-Service Sessions, we optimize the time customers spend on trying out the new features and on communicating feedback to the TWS team.
The customer can remotely access a fully installed, ready-to-use environment through a web meeting and the Tivoli Workload Automation team assists during the customer experience, collecting comments and impressions.

Just select one or more of the following topics, send an email to and a session will be booked for you.

Theme 1: Installation and Upgrade

Theme 2: Simplify and Optimize the configuration

  • Simplified configuration for Dynamic Agents over Internet
  • Dynamic Integration of Cloud for Scehduled Workloads (OSLC Integration with SCO)

Theme 3: Mobile Support

  • Self Service Catalog Improvement
  • Self-Service Catalog: auditing and usability enhancements
  • Mobile Dashboard through a Self Service Management Interface

Theme 4: Integrations

  • Automatic trouble ticket management
  • Ticketing through Event Driven (EDWA) TBSM plugin
  • New Native Windows Integration
  • Enhancement to TWSz System Automation workstation

Theme 5: User Experience enhancements

  • TDWC Usability Dynamic Queries
  • Enhancements to "matching criteria" feature (introduced with v9.1)