Webcast Q&A: Our Experience Implementing Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack Through An As-A-Service Model

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I heard some news that Fasback will be intergrated in basic TSM in the future, so there are no enhancements planned. Is this true?   

No decision yet, but it is something we are talking about. Since FastBack is part of the Unified Recovery bundle, we recognize that we need to continue to develop and support this functionality.   

I have heard it is in currency mode, is this correct?   

That is true, for now.   

What does currency mode mean?   

Currency = keep up with operating systems, supported apps, etc.   

The FastBack technology is the basis for TSM for VE and we're putting a lot of focus on that. Same with FlashCopy Manager in Windows environments.   

Is deduplication used on the repository and/or replication?   

Deduplication is at the FastBack repository. The amount of data sent from the client is already minimized (block level incremental)   

For replication dedupe, referring to the connection back to the DR site. Is TSM dedupe used on that pipe? 

Yes, dedupe is also done at TSM when you are sending FastBack data to TSM; in the Storagepipe solution, it is not   

Are most customers using DR to another FB server or a TSM server?  

When TSM is in the environment, they use replication to the TSM server; otherwise (and in the case of Storagepipe) it's FastBack to FactBack 

What happen when the client have more than 40 servers?   

Add additional FastBack servers / appliances to meet scalability requirement (similar to adding media servers in competing products) 

So it is a disk based only solution not TAPE storage that TSM would offer?

Correct, FastBack is a disk only solution; TSM is a great complement when you need tape, or you can use cloud services like Storagepipe to avoid the use of tape (resulting in lower costs and faster restore times)   

What is the maximum Repository size you configure mainly?

The FastBack Information Center article (http://pic.dhe.ibm.com/infocenter/tsmfbinf/v6/index.jsp?topic=/com.ibm.tsm.fb.doc/welcome.htm) says that a FastBack repository can have up to 20 disks, and each disk can be no larger than 2TB, so I assume this sets the limit at 40TB

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