Xavier Giannakopoulos [Guest] to All 16:12 
Curiosity: do you enforce naming convention, that is do you track non-compliant objects on a regular basis?

Warren Gill [Guest] to All 16:31 
Here's a helpful hint: Use composer filter options to find job streams that contain certain jobs-list sched=@#@ filter job=ALPHA#J3PIT_ABUSE_34984

Xavier Giannakopoulos [Guest] to All 16:32 
do you use auditing on the model to have previous versions of jobs & jobstreams (although it generates more data)

Toby Seguin [Guest] to All 16:33 
I've set up a event to send me an email for when a workstation is unlinked but the internal status of that is "activation Pending" Do you know how I can activate that?

Linda Swiecichowski [Guest] to Q & A Group 16:34 
We have event rules disabled due to resource requirements performace issues. We are using 8.4 but will be upgrading in the near future to 8.6, then 9.2. Do you use event rules alot and have you noticed any performance issues with 8.6.

Xavier Giannakopoulos [Guest] to All 16:34 
that's not normal, "activation pending" should be a temporary status

Brian Fitzgibbon [Guest] to All 16:35 
Q; How to you handle a delete of a job that is a dependency elsewhere?

John Maples [Guest] to All 16:38 
I have one!

John Maples [Guest] to All 16:38 
What's your oganization's experience with WebAdmin?

John Maples [Guest] to All 16:39 
Have you seen the new TWS DASH?

Linda Swiecichowski [Guest] to Q & A Group 16:41 
Thank you!!!

John Maples [Guest] to All 16:41 
Thanks so much!

Xavier Giannakopoulos [Guest] to All 16:41 
thanks Rick, great session

Rick Post, Workload Automation Service Team Lead [Guest] to All 16:42 
You're welcome