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Discussion started by Tivoli User Community 5 years ago

Q1: Can nco_osreport connect to earlier versions of Omnibus?

A1: The nco_osreport utility was added in Omnibus 7.3.1. You can run nco_osreport on 7.3.1 or later to connect to a 7.3.0 Object Server and export SQL files.

Q2: With nco_confpack, qhat happens of you have conflicting UID or GUI when importing?

A2: The utility nco_confpack merges data into the Object Server, so it will simply assign a unique UID or GID for the user or group.

Q3: Would nco_osreport be a good method to deploy changes in triggers and conversions? Does it back up the tools/menus?

A3: Yes, nco_osreport can be used to deploy changes in triggers and conversions. After exporting the Object Server configuration, the automation.sql file contains trigger information, and the alertsdata.sql contains the alerts.conversions values. Extract the changed information and run the SQL commands via nco_sql or the Administrator nco_config interface.

Nco_osreport backs up the tools and menus into alertsdata.sql as well.

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