IBM in search of Companies in Brazil, Africa, India and Europe for Study

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What is it: TSM Client side initiative to deep dive in client side environments (BA Clients, Database Administrators, VE Administrators, End Users and Help Desk), what types of things administrators do and what tools they use to backup, restore and ask TSM Server Administrators to create client nodes.

Immediate Focus: Investigating client integration to address help-desk workflow and supporting data in a consumable fashion through a unified single-pane-of-glass control center for TSM. This would provide client users with self-serve integrated "in-band" tools that accelerate install, backup, recover and report storage activities and benefit server-side monitoring. 
Short term Goal: Improve vSphere with TSM/VE plugin.

Currently Looking For:
We are looking for IBM, IBM Partners/MSP or direct customers in key markets and industries in Brazil, Africa, India and Europe to understand infrastructural, organizational, collaboration and tasks with administrators and users in either hybrid or virtual environments. There will be a limited opportunity to pursue on-site visits and direct conf call interviews to start with. For on site visits, we plan to spend 1/2 to 3/4 of a day interviewing and observing.

Principal Investigators:
Adam Kallish, UX Team Lead Tivoli Storage
Martine Wedlake, STSM Storage User Interface Architect 
Jim Smith, STSM Tivoli Storage Manager Architect

Adam Kallish at 

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