Webcast Q&A - Maximo Asset Management on SaaS: What’s the Big Deal?

Discussion started by Andrew Lee 6 years ago

Ellen [Guest] to All
only version 7.5 or is there an offering for 7.1 customers? 

Clint Morrison [Guest] to All
Does Maximo Saas run on Amazon Web Services (AWS)? 

Richard Holmes [Guest] to All
Does a partner who sources Maximo SaaS from the distribution channel still have access to those services via Service Engage? 

Lukas [Guest] to All
hello,what about licensing googlemaps in SCCD? 

Ellen [Guest] to All
how often are updates released? 

Richard Holmes [Guest] to All
Can you specify which SoftLayer DC Maximo SaaS runs from? 

Ellen [Guest] to All
do customers get to choose when the updates are applied to their environment or are we forced into a particular timeframe? 

Joanna Gottfried [Guest] to All
Going from 7.1 to 7.5. If switching from on prem model to SaaS model, how would all of existing customizations, integrations. etc. get migrated? 

Laurens Thie [Guest] to All
Is there anytimeline for Calibration and Datasheets to be available as SaaS? 

Laurens Thie [Guest] to All
How are customizations handled and how do the releases/upgrades affect them? 

Richard Holmes [Guest] to All
Thank You. As an IBM Distributor, we provide other IBM SaaS offerings such as SmartCloud. With products such as Maximo that have a link with Service Engage, we did not know if procurement through a VAD would still allow the partner to utilize the Service Engage platform. 

Adnan Sheeraz [Guest] to All
where the demo link will be available for this MAXIMO saas? 

Adnan Sheeraz [Guest] to All
what will be the features in MAXIMO 7.5 scheduling module if we need to be used as adds on module 

Adnan Sheeraz [Guest] to All
what if we need to present the Forecasting for the Maintenance Activities for whole year using MAXIMO saas? 

Steve Long [Guest] to All
Would all of our many years worth of maximo data move to SaaS? 

Adnan Sheeraz [Guest] to All
do we have a preview site for maximo using SaaS model? ​

Questions from the 10/8/14 Session

aaron robertson [Guest] to All 9:24 AM 
How easy is it to go back to on-prem if the customer decides they no longer want SaaS

Thomas Anderson [Guest] to All 9:25 AM 
How do you integrate with Config management? How is discovery handled?

Phil Tuckley [Guest] to All 9:26 AM 
When will scheduler be available in maximo on saas?

Thomas Anderson [Guest] to All 9:26 AM 
Auto discovery of assets in operation

Lafayette Hodge [Guest] to All 9:27 AM 
Can Maximo as SaaS integrate with other applications?

zereena khan [Guest] to All 9:27 AM 
are there any internal service provider capabilities or is there an option to add external service provider?

Martina Leung [Guest] to All 9:28 AM 
What kind of response time for remote user can we expect with the Saas model?

Thomas Anderson [Guest] to All 9:29 AM 
How about integration with IBM SCCD

Martina Leung [Guest] to All 9:29 AM 
I am concerned about my global presence of users

Martina Leung [Guest] to All 9:30 AM 
What kind of SLA can we expect when we have user distributed all over the world

zereena khan [Guest] to All 9:30 AM 
so is it correct to say that currently we have only two add ons in saas, Maximo Inventory Insighgt and Schedular?

Martina Leung [Guest] to All 9:30 AM 
I thought SCCD is available on SaaS

Phil Tuckley [Guest] to All 9:32 AM 
transferring existing fully paid licences to saas licences, will there be any recognition of fees already paid, eg would we get any free months for sacrificing licences?

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