Webcast Q&A - Maximo Asset Management SaaS - Accelerate Deployment while Lowering Your Organization’s Total Cost of Ownership

Discussion started by Dave Gasdia 6 years ago

Herb Alter [Guest] to Q & A Group 9:11 AM 
want clarity about how customers will be billed (e.g., fixed monthly or actual metered consumption)?

Franklin Orozco [Guest] to Q & A Group 9:25 AM 
hi, how is IBM going to control the license usage of the customers who buy this solutions?

Rizwan [Guest] to All 9:27 AM 
Does this offering covers IT Asset Management also as we have TAMIT/TAD4D in place

Herb Alter [Guest] to Q & A Group 9:27 AM 
is customization in roadmap?

Herb Alter [Guest] to Q & A Group 9:28 AM 
(i.e., will a customer will able to add Java code or otherwise get something other than lowest common denominator)

David R. Gasdia to All 9:29 AM 
Maximo SaaS will include some support for IT attributes for Operational assets. But does not include full TAMIT/TAD4D capabilities

Ed Rossi [Guest] to All 9:30 AM 
@Rizwan, it includes some IT elements that we think would apply to enterprise assets in some situations, buts is not an IT Asset Mgt solution. However our SCCD offering, the replacement product for TAMIT is available as a SaaS offering.

Rizwan [Guest] to All 9:30 AM 

Lutz Grote [Guest] to Q & A Group 9:31 AM 
Which is the intervall for updates & upgrades ? Do you ensure full compability with existing workflows and data ? Is it possible to use full BIRT reporting features ?

Franklin Orozco [Guest] to All 9:31 AM 
how does IBM is going to control de license usage of the customers who buy this MAM solution?

Franklin Orozco [Guest] to All 9:33 AM 
when will this solution be available outside the US?

Ed Rossi [Guest] to All 9:33 AM 
@Frankin, we don't limit the logins up front but would track overall usage on a periodic basis and if that exceeds your license we would reach out to you reconcile the difference.

Ed Rossi [Guest] to All 9:34 AM 
@Franklin, the solution is currently available worldwide (with some exceptions), supported by our Softlayer datacenters

Johann Rumpl [Guest] to All 9:37 AM 
@Dave: Would it be possible to migrate an existing customer to your Maximo SaaS Platform?
Many greetings from Switzerland :-)

David R. Gasdia to All 9:38 AM 
@Johann: There is no current license step up, but yes you could do it. We can have a call to discuss in more detail

Toni [Guest] to All 9:41 AM 
any tools for migration ? from maximo 7.5 to Saas?will it support cognos and birt ?

Ed Rossi [Guest] to All 9:42 AM 
@franklin, will have to check, but they are primarily based on internal country rules, not our limitations. Would be glad to discuss further by phone

David R. Gasdia to All 9:43 AM 
@Toni & Johann: There are no migration tools from on-prem to SaaS. The SaaS solution uses BIRT for reporting

Ed Rossi [Guest] to All 9:43 AM 
@Toni - no migration tools at this time, other than standard ones (ie migration manager) that currently exist within Maximo.

Franklin Orozco [Guest] to All 9:47 AM 
sure Ed, I'll give my contact on a private chat window

Fady Azmy [Guest] to All 9:48 AM 
is the ISO 27000 certification on the sofllayer?

Ron Yust [Guest] to All 9:50 AM 
Is there a sandbox option or low cost version for development firms interested in building solutions on top of Maximo?

Pat McConnell [Guest] to All 9:50 AM 
can we get a soft copy of the slide deck?

Lutz Grote [Guest] to Q & A Group 9:52 AM 
o.k. thanks !

Toni [Guest] to All 9:53 AM 
does it fully support current maximoo Work flow?

Toni [Guest] to All 9:53 AM 
what about current Java customization ?

David R. Gasdia to All 9:53 AM 
@Ron: There is no sandbox option at this time

David R. Gasdia to All 9:54 AM 
@Toni: It does support Workflow, there may be some limitations with using custom java code as part of a workflow

Zereena Khan [Guest] to All 9:54 AM 
IS mobile included in Maximo SaaS?

Franklin Orozco [Guest] to All 9:54 AM 
that separate SOW you talked about for additional configurations, will it be offered by IBM only?

Toni [Guest] to All 9:55 AM 
what about automation scripts??

David R. Gasdia to All 9:56 AM 
@Zereena: for initial release, Maximo Everyplace is only mobile solution. We plan to add other mobile solutions in the future

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