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Webcast Q&A - SOE Conditional Yoga - A toolkit no more, it's now a new language

Discussion started by Dean Harrison 6 years ago

Karen Schmidt [Guest] to All 9:50 AM 
Will there be more classes with WAPL?

Ivan Davidson [Guest] to All 9:50 AM 
When will this be an official part of TWSz?

Brian Fitzgibbon [Guest] to All 9:51 AM 
Can you handle JS file? (e.g. modify a JCL member with todays's occurrence time?

Brian Fitzgibbon [Guest] to All 9:51 AM 
for restart later

Wanda Poe [Guest] to All 9:51 AM 
what about e-mail triggers? IE... User sends an e-mail (as an e-form). Can it trigger a job/operation in TWS?

David Rogers [Guest] to All 9:52 AM 
Once WAPL is live, will it be backward compatible to older versions of TWS?

Mark Lazo [Guest] to All 9:53 AM 
Can WAPL translate return codes from zcentric jobs?

Michael McCormick [Guest] to All 9:53 AM 
Easy to convert the current SOE to WAPL?

Tim Rock [Guest] to All 9:54 AM 
can we get a copy of the presentation slides?

Patrick Collins [Guest] to All 9:55 AM 
what's the url for WAPL 3.4

Brian Fitzgibbon [Guest] to All 9:57 AM 

Doug Specht [Guest] to All 9:57 AM 
Can WAPL examine the return codes from prior steps in the same job?

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