Will we see BYOD with in the operations centres?

Discussion started by Don Wildman 6 years ago

BYOD continues to be a discussion topic with analysts predicting large percentages of execs expecting the usage to grow rapidly in the next years.

That affects thinking for application design and platform support.  Will companies accept "open house" and support any device type within their environments, or will there be mandated device types allowed within the corporate domain?   We often see today that smart phone access may be limited to a specific device type.

I wonder too whether adoption rates for BYOD will vary according to role. In my planning I am most focussed on the needs for OSS, particularly in the operations centres.

Do we expect for example that NOC operators or IT systems administrators will soon be plugging in their own tablet into a docking station for triage and incident resolution or application deployment and configuration?

Although web based applications are widely accepted across many parts of the organisation, I still hear operations people resisting the deployment of browser based solutions for business critical OSS where incident detection and resolution is time critical.  Reasons cited tend to be related to browser stability and issues with page load and refresh times.

Is browser stability still an issue in these cases with the latest browsers leading operations staff to continue demanding native applications?

If so, would operators accept a solution that wrapped web artefacts into a native application for delivery?  The application would be serviced by the web server, but be independent of a browser.

I should appreciate views and opinions on these topics especially from those whose working life or their teams depends on the use of operational management systems.

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