Backup Session performance issues

Discussion started by Jayden Perez 6 years ago

Hello All,


This is my first post to the community, so firstly, my apologies.


I am hitting serious performance issues with our internal TSM 7.1 server. (I am currently a bit-part administrator, certainly not full time)

4 Storage Pools are currently in place:

  • Primary Disk
  • Primary Tape
  • Copy Tape
  • Offsite Tape

I have configured TSM 4 VE 7.1 and am happily protecting our ESXi Cluster. No issues there.

I have all data being backed up to 1 Node and all of VM filespaces are against that Node.

My backup window for some time has been running easily about 18 or 19 hours for approx 50-80gb of changed data. 

I am losing my mind trying to work it out.

I have run some tests and it seems that each session is referencing input data from the copy tape and offsite tape as well as the primary tapes before writing. This surely cannot be correct.


Again, as mentioned, I am very sorry, I am sure this is a very stupid fault and easily fixed.

Thanks in advance,



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