Software Configuration Using SCCD

Discussion started by Lesley Johnson 6 years ago

Hi, I am currently using SCCD We are discovering endpoint data using TEM and bringing it across with SUA and ITIC. I am interested in implementing software configuration management, but have some planning questions.  Your advice is greatly appreciated. 

1. Ultimately, I  would like to use the change application process to assign a software deployment out to a group of servers. I would then like to get an alert on the delta if the deployment did not occur according to the change ticket. On the change ticket, is the Source CI section meant to assign the software that is to be deployed to the servers CIs? If yes, what is the best practice for creating these "Source CIs", such as Internet Explorer 8.0 or a certain patch? Can you point me toward which CI type to activate or which relationship to look at for making the IE 8.0 or the patch a software CI?

2. Any advice on how to assign the comparison rules for a Reconciliation Task to audit if said deployment discussed above was conducted without using the SCCD change ticket process? 

Again, thank you very much for your knowledge and advice

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