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Discussion started by Tivoli User Community 6 years ago

Mike McIntyre [Guest] to All 9:28 AM 
Yesterday there was a webcast on IBM OpenStack Cloud. Are there two different cloud provisioning products of IBM OpenStack Cloud and IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator? If yes, what is the future direction of this?

Bill Clerico [Guest] to All 9:30 AM 
IBM OpenStack Cloud (aka SmartCloud Entry, now named IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack) is the core common cloud IaaS capability that SCO is built on.

Bill Clerico [Guest] to All 9:31 AM 
it was represented in Johnny's architecture charts as "SCE"

Maruf [Guest] to Q & A Group 9:33 AM 
I like to know how a 3 tier application ( for example LAMP stack) can be deployed with Smartcloud orchestrator which may involve running some scripts. Can multiple images be combined as a vapp/service templates similar to System Center and then deployed by Smart cloud orchestrator?

Rizwan [Guest] to All 9:44 AM 
Any plan for similar session for Chef toolkit

Maruf [Guest] to Q & A Group 9:45 AM 
Do you have any puppet toolkit?

Maruf [Guest] to All 9:50 AM 
Do you have any free hands on online labs to try smart cloud orchestrator similar to Microsoft and VMware? I like to try this in a lab.

Bill Clerico [Guest] to All 9:57 AM 
I assume the list of additional software came from the IEM server

Bill Clerico [Guest] to All 9:58 AM 
is there any RBAC associated with that?

Maruf [Guest] to All 10:01 AM 
I also like to know some integration with Juniper Networks devices as I read in some places. You can email me some details around that if you have any.

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