Group Member Resources

Group Member Resources

TUC Recognition Program

 The TUC Recognition Program helps members achieve levels of recognition for community participation. Click here for more about how to participate.

TUC Management Team

5 Steps to Get Started

STEP 1 - Lead or Join a User Group

Leading or joining a local or virtual user group gives you the opportunity to meet with other Tivoli professionals in your area or online. Participating in these meetings is a great way to receive new information, gain new technical knowledge, share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences while having many of your technical questions answered.

Typically, local User Groups have meetings ranging from once a quarter to just one or two times a year while virtual user groups meet approximately 4 times a year.

Global Virtual User Groups allow you to attend a meeting from anywhere in the world via phone and your laptop. Virtual user groups meet via online conferencing to discuss topics of interest around specific technologies/products.

Join a Group NOW!

STEP 2- Engage with other members. There are Many Ways to Participate!

The TUC is the place for collaboration-connect with members solving the same issues and with similar interests.  They include:

TUC Member Profiles - Identify, follow and start conversations with other members of the Community with similiar interests.  Send message updates to groups or send one on one messages to an individual.   Be sure to keep your profile up to date and make it public to ensure that you are receiving the specific information relating to your product area and that others are able to search, find and communicate with you.

Discussions -Join the TUC conversations in one of our many active forums that are located in the global groups and each user group.

Blogs - the latest blogs and post your comments and feedback.  Are you interested in blogging for the community about a key topic?  Email Franny and the community management team today to learn how!

Ask the Experts - Get answers to your product questions by starting one on one conversations with our team of experts.  - Connect with real world product experts on a range Tivoli products. These experts are recruited to answer your questions.

It's Easy...Find an expert in your area of interest, post a private question to that expert, and he/she will respond with an answer within 48 hours.

Read the Latest Content - Read key content and the latest how-to and best practice information all found in the content library for members, by members; and the latest content by Tivoli.  Search the content by date, rating, and even by product and area of interest. Look on the right hand side to browse through whitepapers, webcasts, podcasts, and the monthly newsletters.

Share Your Views and Favorite Content -The community provides many ways for you to share your expertise.  Share your thoughts,  views and comments within the community and share your favorite content with your social networks with our easy social sharing tools.

STEP 3- Participate in Community and other Tivoli Related Events

Participating in TUC Events is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to learn from some of the "best in the business". Visit the links below to find out about upcoming events such:

Events Calendar - Links to upcoming events such as industry trade shows, technical briefings, on-line training, conferences and user group meetings happening all over the world.

Community webcasts - Join live webinars in the community, led by community members and Tivoli experts throughout the year.

Free Online Training Sessions - Attend a free instructor-led online training for all Tivoli user group members worldwide.

STEP 4- Check back regularly!

This is your community.  The more the members engage with each other, contribute the latest best practice and how to information and share their knowledge with other members, the more engaged and dynamic the community will become.

STEP 5- Tell us what's on your mind

Provide us with your valuable input to help us drive the content on this site. We welcome all Member Feedback, with your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. Share your favorite content and messages by using the Quick Post feature found at the top of the community site pages.

Interested in starting a new group?  We'd love to help you get started!  Contact Us @


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