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The Global Asset Management Virtual User Group invites all TUC members to join the Asset and Facilities Management Zone and TRIRIGA Zone. This is Global group makes it possiblefor individuals from many different industries and types of organizations to get to know each other, share information and work directly with the IBM product experts.


Take a Step Back to Improve Your Reliability Program
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Maximo 76...Variances, Reports and More!
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Attention Maximo and TRIRIGA enthusiasts! Submit your InterConnect Abstracts by September 17
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Using Quick Find to return most recently revised Job Plan
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BiLog: Maximo 76: Creating Cognos Reports/Workspaces Video Series
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The IoT powers up transformation in Energy and Utilities
Leading utility companies that leverage the IoT will be better able to react and adopt innovations faster.  They can quickly disrupt the status quo and reinvent an entire industry that needs transforming. They can be more efficient, more productive and smarter. In a marketplace where change is happening at a rapid pace, those that don’t embrace the Internet of Things may not survive. So the message is clear: lead the transformation by embracing the Internet of Things:        

IBM Maximo76 ReportOptions Comparison
Introducing reporting options available in Maximo 76. The demo provides a comparison of reporting features you may want to consider when selecting a reporting tool or tools for your Maximo environment:

Maximo YouTube videos are now available on the new IBM IoT Support channel
Currently the channel hosts more than 60 Maximo videos created by Support and Development with more to come.  Many of the videos give step by step demonstrations that can help with configuration and use of Maximo:

Asset Management: The Key to Health of Grid Assets

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Are you Best Practices for Configuring and Upgrading TRIRIGA Applications
IBM TRIRIGA is an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) that delivers a single platform technology and core business applications to manage the lifecycle of real estate and facilities assets. Follow these best practices to ensure that the business applications function properly and that future upgrades of the applications are successful:

The following playlist contains videos that help you get started with IBM TRIRIGA
Each video has a script that supports it. The scripts are available in several languages:

IoT Is Next Step for Facilities, but Understanding and Trust Must Catch Up
It is widely considered a foregone conclusion that the Building Internet of Things (IoT) is the next step in facility management. Already, manufacturers have developed a plethora of ever more capable sensors, and solutions for control and interoperability, which not too long ago seemed part of a far-off Jetsonian future, are possibilities for today. But there is a disconnect in the industry between what is possible and what is being done, as facility managers are still working on understanding, and trusting, the Building IoT:

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