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CMDB presentation from meeting on Friday, November 14th

Vic Newberry

CMDB presentation from meeting on Friday, November 14th

Discovering the Value of ITCAM

Yochana Honnavar

Discovering the Value of ITCAM

Future of IBM Monitoring by Ingo Averdunk

Angus Jamieson

Future of IBM Monitoring by Ingo Averdunk

IBM Tivoli Monitoring Overview

Yochana Honnavar

IBM Tivoli Monitoring Overview

IBM Tivoli Monitoring Overview

Yochana Honnavar

IBM Tivoli Monitoring Overview

Jason Forsyth of Orb Data presents What's new in ITM 6.3 and Eduction Courses

Angus Jamieson

TUG May 22nd 2014 - Monitoring Track - Jason Forsyth of Orb Data delivers what's new re ITM 6.3 and EducationOfferings

Slides - APM Global User Group Meeting - Netcool Operations Insight v1.2

Laura Flatley

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Slides: Performance Management has SaaS, Do you?

Tivoli User Community

Performance Management has SaaS, Do you?

Slides: TUC Webcast: Putting the Cool Back in Netcool With Analytics

Don Wildman

Overview Netcool Operations Insight powered by OMNIbus helps you: Gain visibility and control of your data center through integrated real-time views across infrastructure, applications and services Leverage search and event analytics to drive new ...

TUC Webcast Presentation: How to Get a Happily Ever After with IT Operations Analytics

Steve Smythe, Matt Rodkey

Stop pointing fingers when the network goes down. Nobody ever wants to hear "it's not me, it's you.” Every business has 5-10 critical business processes and applications. Slowdowns or outages have a direct impact on their profits, revenue, customers ...

Webcast Presentation - Chef Automation in SmartCloud Orchestrator

C. J. Meidlinger

Originally hosted on: Date: Jul 9, 2014 Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Eastern Time) Presented by: C. J. Meidlinger, Technical Enablement Specialist (IBM Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure) In this one hour webcast you will learn how to use Chef coo ...

Webcast Presentation - Improve Availability and Performance of MongoDB Workloads in Production

Tim Bouhour, Zachary Rickards

As open-sourced, NoSQL (cloud-based) databases like MongoDB become part of business critical applications, developers and operations teams are looking for deep application performance monitoring of MongoDB-based workloads. Learn how you can monitor the pe ...

Webcast Presentation - Monitoring of Your DataPower Multi-Tenant Environment

Cathal O’Donovan, Aaron Tobin, Ewan Chalmers

Overview: Enhance your organization’s capabilities to compute and store service and fault metrics to the granularity of the DataPower domain and optionally to the granularity of the service requester. Facilitate reporting with data dimensioned by: ...

Webcast Presentation - Moving to Cloud 101: Impact on Service Management

Richard H Johnston

Whether you're managing cloud environments from on premises or within the cloud, a reliable service desk is a key component in the delivery of any management solution. It's no secret IBM has been a major player in the ITSM world, but with new capabilities ...

Webcast Presentation - SOE Conditional Yoga - A toolkit no more, it's now a new language

Dean Harrison

SOE code can now bend itself into strange new shapes. The addition of new IF/THEN/ELSE and DO/END structures takes it from being a mere utility to become a whole new z/OS Workload Automation Programming Language. With the ability to react to return codes ...

Webcast Presentation - Use Analytics to Find and Resolve IT Problems in Minutes by Analyzing all of Your IT Operational Data

Pandit Prasad

An immense amount of data is being collected by IT systems—up to 1TB per day for many organizations. It is created by the day-to-day use of potentially hundreds of interrelated systems, as part of typical IT datacenter and cloud operations. The data can i ...

Webcast Presentation:  Extending the Tivoli ITNM Discovery to include Telecom LTE Network Elements at US Cellular

Barry Baran, ,

This webcast replay covers: • Quick Review of LTE Model and Discovery Model Challenges • New ITNM Elements, Interfaces, and Model Components included in the ITNM 4.1.1 Release • Prior versus Current Discovery Approach • Summary of Big Wins us ...


Untitled Document     Webcast Replay & Presentation: How IBM Helps China Merchants Bank (CMB) on IT Operation Analytics ZhenYu  (Jerry) Yang discussed customer business requirements and shared best practices and t ...

Webcast Replay Slides - Can Dash Functionality be Considered Real BSM?

Mike Elleby

Overview: Understanding what role Dash plays in your monitoring environment and it’s contrast to your current and planned Business Service Management implementations. The Speaker: Mike Elleby – Tivoli Enterprise Systems Management Consultant Mike h ...