Achieving Actionable Insights & Increasing Service Management Performance w/IT Operations Analytics

The state of the art in managing IT has left us increasingly rich in data. Every business contains a complex IT system of servers, networks & applications that produce vast & expanding amounts of IT Operations Data. We monitor physical and virtual infrast ...

Coverage near and far: Performance Management for the IBM Middleware stack

Tim Bouhour, ,

Finding solutions to performance issues is not always an easy task. Sometimes it is a reoccurring problem that is time-consuming and difficult to diagnose. Sometimes it is a programming error that impacts the development environment. There are countl ...

Exploit New Analytics to Monitor & Manage Technologies like Big Data & Mobile for System z

Overview: Are you being asked to support new technologies like mobile, big data and cloud? Do you have all the analytic information you need to monitor and support new workloads? Much of the data and workloads required for these technologies currently run ...

Meeting Replay - Asset and Facilities Management/Maximo Global User Group Meeting

This session will talk you through the features delivered in the May IBM Performance Management (SaaS) release, and also give you a glimpse of some of the exciting capabilities coming soon that you can try now in beta. It will include introducing IBM APM ...

Optimizing System Standards & Maximizing Scheduling Efficiency with IBM Workload Automation

We all tend to accumulate many old objects within our database and gather old scripts that we no longer use. How many job streams do you have that have not run in over a year? These things take up space, take time to index and take time to maintain. In th ...

TUC Webcast Replay: Can "Dash" Functionality be Considered REAL BSM?

Overview: Understanding what role Dash plays in your monitoring environment and it’s contrast to your current and planned Business Service Management implementations. The Speaker: Mike Elleby – Tivoli Enterprise Systems Management Consultant Mike ha ...

TUC Webcast Replay: Chef Automation in SmartCloud Orchestrator

Originally hosted on: Date: Jul 9, 2014 Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Eastern Time) Presented by: C. J. Meidlinger, Technical Enablement Specialist (IBM Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure)

TUC Webcast Replay: How to Get a Happily Ever After with IT Operations

Steve Smythe, Matt Rodkey

Stop pointing fingers when the network goes down. Nobody ever wants to hear "it's not me, it's you.” Every business has 5-10 critical business processes and applications. Slowdowns or outages have a direct impact on their profits, revenue, customers ...

TUC Webcast Replay: iOS and Android Devices Make Maximo Field Work Easy

Do you want to eliminate ‘in the field’ paperwork, improve productivity, increase data accuracy, and work disconnected? All on a device that is practical, cost effective and reliable, and most importantly wanted? Welcome to the age of Smart Devices for Fi ...

TUC Webcast: Putting the Cool Back in Netcool With Analytics

Netcool Operations Insight powered by OMNIbus helps you: Gain visibility and control of your data center through integrated real-time views across infrastructure, applications and services Leverage search and event analytics to drive new insight by ...

Webcast Replay - Automating your business processes with IBM Workload Automation

Do you use SAP to track your sales, production, finance or HR within your organization? Are you responsible for monitoring the sequence between SAP actions, condition fulfillment, exchange of data, and resource sharing? Do you need a practical way to reac ...

Webcast replay - IBM IT Operations Management: Learn why Netcool is Way Cooler than ever Before!

Don Wildman and Zane Bray, ,

You finally got tickets to the big game. Prime seating, cold beverages, the night off from work. What more could you ask for? Now imagine you are moments from entering the stadium when your phone blows up. Your boss is frantically calling you because o ...

Webcast Replay - SOE Conditional Yoga - A toolkit no more, it's now a new language

SOE code can now bend itself into strange new shapes. The addition of new IF/THEN/ELSE and DO/END structures takes it from being a mere utility to become a whole new z/OS Workload Automation Programming Language. With the ability to react to return codes ...

Webcast Replay: 5 Reasons You Need Workload Automation as a Service

The session will include a live demo of this IBM offering and showcase the latest ready-to-use applications available to accelerate the delivery of processes interconnected with solutions such as SAP, Cognos and multiple other business applications. Th ...

Webcast Replay: Delivering value through Intergration

Whether you're managing cloud environments from on premises or within the cloud, a reliable service desk is a key component in the delivery of any management solution. It's no secret IBM has been a major player in the ITSM world, but with new capabilities ...

Webcast Replay: Extending the Tivoli ITNM Discovery to include Telecom LTE Network Elements at US Cellular

Barry Baran, ,

This webcast replay covers: • Quick Review of LTE Model and Discovery Model Challenges • New ITNM Elements, Interfaces, and Model Components included in the ITNM 4.1.1 Release • Prior versus Current Discovery Approach • Summary of Big Wins us ...

Webcast Replay: Get your life back with Workload Automation SaaS1

This session will talk you through the features delivered in the May IBM Performance Management (SaaS) release, and also give you a glimpse of some of the exciting capabilities coming soon that you can try now in beta. It will include introducing IBM APM ...

Webcast Replay: How to Prevent Your Next Application Outage

Originally hosted on February 11, 2015 If you have any more questions for Tim and Matt, you can contact them via email or Twitter! Matt Rodkey, Product Manager, IBM Operations Analytics, Predictive Insights (IBM) @MRodkey Tim Bou ...