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ARC View: For Mobile Devices in Maintenance, Use Custom Apps

Stacey Miller

New technology often enables improved business processes with new levels of operating performance. The vast majority of maintenance personnel in industrial facilities – technicians, supervisors, and stock keepers – are mobile during their typical work ro ...

IBM Control Desk’s roadmap and the approach to analytics, Watson technologies and bridging the cloud and on premises solutions

Richard Johnston & Rob Goodling

Service Management is changing and adapting to new technologies and SaaS/Cloud implementations. In this white paper, you will learn how IBM is putting together the necessary mechanisms and approaches to create the service management of the future. Topics ...

IBM IT Operations Management-Learn Why Netcool is Way Cooler Than Ever Before

Don Wildman and Zane Bray, ,

The IBM Netcool Operations Insight solution suite is cooler than ever before with innovative functional upgrades providing deeper insight with real-time and historical analytics for IT operations and infrastructure. The latest iteration packs an array of ...

TUC White Paper: Can Dash Functionality Be Considered REAL BSM?

Mike Elleby

Abstract Tivoli offers a wide spectrum of tools to aid organizations in monitoring their different environments, but the question that is often asked is how do these companies find the means to bring all of these together and what approaches can be tak ...

TUC White Paper: Exploit New Analytics to Monitor and Manage Technologies

Tivoli User Community

In recent times, Operations Teams have been getting overwhelmed by the volumes of data that they have to manually process, whether that is log data, file data, transaction log data, metrics coming into the system and so on. They have always had large v ...