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TUC White Paper - Eliminate the Headaches of Legacy Data Protection with Riverbed SteelStore

Chris Wong

Traditional methods of backup and recovery are too slow, too expensive, and too risky. Cloud-integrated storage solves many of the challenges that organizations face in resiliency today by allowing them to leverage low-cost cloud storage for backup and ar ...

TUC White Paper: TSM for Virtual Environments

Chaitanya Kumar Kancharana

As the volumes of data stored by organizations and the value of that data grow exponentially, there is the need for the best in data backup and recovery packages. The IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) enables the user to insert objects not only via backup, ...

TUC White Paper: TSM, Servergraph and Cristie Disaster Recovery at the Einstein Healthcare Network

Parul Patel

Data management is critical to organizations of all sizes because they rely on their data for business continuity. Therefore, a lapse in data protection can have serious implications. Using TSM in conjunction with Servergraph and the Cristie TBMR disaster ...


Bharat Vyas, , , , 411047

This article describes the basics of IBM® Tivoli® Storage Manager and IBM DB2® architecture, and shows you how to use the Tivoli Storage Manager backup and restore features. This article also provides step-by-step instructions that show you how to back up ...

White Paper: The Guide to Improving Backup and Recovery Reporting

Tivoli User Community

The Storage Manager's Guide to Improving Backup and Recovery Reporting A White Paper by Rocket Software **************************************************** The management of enterprise IT data is a critical pain point for companies worldwide. This i ...